Q. How tall are you?
A. 5ft 4

Q. How do you do your hair?
A. My hair is bleached, my hair naturally is almost black! I just get my roots bleached when I feel they need them using BlondMe bleaching powder, then any toner for platinum blonde hair to get away the warm tones. For my hair care routine I have blogged about it here 

Q. What extensions do you wear?
A. I use the regular set from Foxylocks. *Update* From going pink again, the regular set are now pink and the platinum blonde set are the Deluxe set. Use code "FoxyLeanne" for a free gift with your order.

Q. How do you get your hair pastel pink?
A. I use Directions Flamingo pink mixed with conditioner to get the desired pastel shade.

Q. What foundation do you use?
A. I use the Clinique Even Better Foundation. I talk about it here in my favourites video, along side the concealer I used. Together they create a flawless looking base.

Q. How do I know where your clothes etc are from that you wear in your videos?
A. I usually post in the description of the video what I'm wearing, including lipstick, jewellery, nail varnish etc.

Q. How do you look after your nails?
A. I don't do anything special, they grow really fast! I just cut them when they feel to long, paint them when I feel like it. And that's about it.

Q. How long have you been doing videos on youtube for? 
A. First video uploaded January 31st 2013.

Q. Are you part asian?
A. Yes I am half Chinese, but I don't look it. Not even a little bit :(

Q. How have you gained so many followers? Any tips?
A. I have no idea!! I would say post regularly, post things you would want to watch yourself. And have fun! It does take up a lot of your time, but it's great to be part of the youtube community!

Q. How do you make your videos look such good quality?
A. Good lighting helps! I just use my Dad's old beauty dish light with a photo flood bulb. My camera shoots full HD which gives amazing video quality!

Q. What camera do you have?
A. Canon 5D mark ii. But I wouldn't recommend this camera to buy just to film on! I already had this, as my trade is photography. I have filmed some videos on my iPad which were fine. And I also use the Panasonic Lumix G3 for my vlogs and parts of my outfit videos.
Q. How do you edit your videos?
A. I use Final Cut Pro X

Q. Can you do a makeup tutorial?
A. I have posted how I do my every day eye makeup look here, In all my videos this is how I've done my eye makeup, sometimes I don't use as much of the darker eye shadow though. I won't be doing a video on how I do all my makeup as there's lots out there showing how to do you base, eyebrows etc :)

Q. Can you share your work out routine?
A. I don't actually work out. I just walk a lot and naturally have a fast metabolism. 

Q. What apps do you use for your Instagram pictures?
A. Vsco Cam, Afterlight and Picfx

Q. Have you got tumblr?
A. Yep http://leannelimwalker.tumblr.com/

Q. What's your job?
A. I'm a photographer and I also work in Marketing and PR

Q. How did you become a photographer?
A. I studied photography at A Level (they didn't have it for GCSE then), then I completed a foundation course at Arts University Bournemouth, then went onto a Degree in Commercial photography there. When I moved back home I ended up working for Loveclothing.com as their photographer.

Q. How can I become a photographer?
A. Take pictures as often as you can, collaborate with other creatives like stylists, makeup artists, hair stylists, models, clothes designers etc and find your own style. Submit your work to online magazines, blogs etc. Share your work on social networks so people hear about you.